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Dr. Buckner's Cosmetic Laser Center
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Dorothy J. Buckner, M.D., Cosmetic Dermatologist, provides cosmetic skin care treatments to reduce the visible signs of aging for healthy, more beautiful skin. Treatments include botox, collagen, and laser procedures.

Botox Botox - a safe, effective treatment to reduce brow and forehead lines.
Collegen Collagen - a fast, effective treatment to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, minimizing expression lines around the mouth and eyes.
SheerLight Laser Hair Removal LightSheer Laser Hair Removal - a gentle, effective treatment for lasting hair removal. Remove unwanted hair on your chin, moustache area, side-burns, neck, stomach, back, arms, underarms, legs, breasts, and bikini line.
NLite Laser Wrinkle Reduction NLite Laser Wrinkle Reduction - a replenishing, effective laser wrinkle reduction procedure that stimulates your own natural collagen growth for smoother, younger-looking skin.
DioLite Laser Pigmented and Vascular (Spider Vein) Lesion Removal DioLite Laser Pigmented and Vascular (Spider Vein) Lesion Removal - a comfortable, effective treatment to remove vascular (spider vein) lesions in which abnormally large or numerous blood vessels are visible through the skin, and pigmented lesions in which dark pigment multiplies into brown age spots or dark patches.

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